Sunday, October 11, 2009

We are at category 2 bananas

The conversation from dinner tonight – I mainly just listened:

“You know, there really are only a couple of days where bananas are just right. I’m glad that today is one of those days. It’s not too ripe, not nasty mushy – oh no – this banana (he holds it above his head) – this banana is the perfect firmness and ripeness – good color, good taste. I’ve had three bananas today – breakfast, lunch, dinner – yes, today is banana day! I hate it when bananas get too mushy – you know, there are really 3 classifications of bananas. First they are not ripe enough – this is “Category 1 bananas” then you’ve got “Category 2 bananas” – this is banana day – and then “Category 3 bananas” - bananas have gone bad. Actually, Category 3 leads into a Category 4: No bananas. And the cycle repeats.”

Anybody want to guess what this guy does for a living?

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