Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The cleanest air you’ll ever breathe…

So I was standing on the flight deck getting ready for a flight killing a little extra time we had – a buddy raised the topic mentioned in the subject line above – “hey man, you know this air out here is the cleanest air you’ll ever breathe.” I thought to myself – yeah, quite the philosophical comment - too bad it smells like a mixture of jet fuel, grease, body odor, and CHT Lines (Google it if you don’t know what that is). But once the rotors started spinning and we got airborne he was right – I hadn’t really noticed it before but if you think about the cleanest most natural place you’ve ever been – maybe camping in the Florida backwoods, trout stream fishing in Colorado, or on the open road driving cross country – take any of those places and they pale in comparison to the vast / open / unmolested beauty of the open ocean. Those places all have a smell too – not necessarily bad, but pine trees, lavender, whatever it is there’s nothing like putting your head out the window 1000 feet above the ocean and smelling…nothing – absolutely nothing
And it makes for some good pictures too.

On another note, I’ve found I can save time by blogging into a word document while my pages load and then just copy and paste in the end – I’m nothing if not industrious with my time

And I just noticed that MSWord recognizes “blogging” as an accepted / correct spelling of a word. Man I feel old sometimes.

I’m trying to upload a couple of those pictures I took earlier today so this entry may be a bit longer than the other ones I’ve done so far.

Actually I just went to brush my teeth and the little bar hasn’t moved in quite a while…they say the internet on a ship is like trying to suck a milkshake through a soda straw. You get just enough to keep doing it even though it’s really hard – I think uploading a picture is like trying to suck a brick through that straw – ok well. I think I’ll try one more time.

Nope – maybe tomorrow

QOTD: “What more can I do?” – sign hanging above my computer at work – keeps my head in the game

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