Thursday, October 8, 2009


Anybody who knows me knows that I don’t like taking pills – never have – never will. I can still remember my dad cutting my penicillin tablets in half for me so I wouldn’t gag when I was younger – I still didn’t like it because then they had sharp corners. Anyways I was getting ready to go to bed last night and I needed to take my multivitamin. No big deal, right? Well I had drunk all of the water in my water bottle and figured I’d just use my hand under the sink and cup some water to my mouth. Keep in mind too that I HATE the smell of multivitamins – I always have to wash my hands with soap afterwards because they are very stinky. Anyhoo, I popped that sucker in my mouth and bent over to get some water from the sink…well it wasn’t enough – I couldn’t wash it down – I tried to swallow it fast because if I didn’t then I’d taste it – it got stuck – I couldn’t swallow anything – didn’t want to bend back over for more water…You know, it’s important in a situation like this to really keep a calm head…think things through…come up with the best solution for the problem – you know – but all I could think of was how IRONIC it would be if I choked to death trying to take my daily multivitamin and I start laughing – out comes the pill – sweet.
So I didn’t take it last night – I brushed my teeth again and washed my face and hands instead – but I’ll be sure to fill up my water bottle tonight before I go to bed.

QOTD: “What’s wrong with the Navy helo – why can’t it take off?” - “The environmental control system isn’t working” – “Oh, you mean the A/C is broken” – “Yeah”

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