Thursday, October 1, 2009


Watch your step! You’ve entered the man cave.
I started this blog as an outlet for my rather advanced sense of humor and wit when they are exhausted upon the current co-inhabitants of this mighty floating grey box.
I’ll also let you guys know what’s going on over on my side of the world.
But first, let’s establish some guidelines – you know, for safety – but more for managing your expectations…
1 – I cannot promise a post everyday, or even consistently, for that matter
2 – Posts shall be worth the 20+ minutes it takes me to log in and submit something – so read them in their entirety
3 – Posts shall be witty
4 – If not witty, posts shall be informative
5 – If neither witty, nor informative, posts shall be brief
6 – As post writer, I reserve the right to trash guidelines 1 through 5 and post whatever I want.

As a point I will try to keep this a manly arena but no topic is taboo in the man cave – I can and will discuss the availability of lemon curd in countries around the world.

I’ll also put some pictures up whenever I get the time.

Lastly I will try to include quotes of the day (QOTD) both for your amusement as well as to catalog my own.

-Take care, all

QOTD: “You’ve been equalized!” – from Corporal Z to Corporal Y after Z threw a packet of Equal sugar at Y’s face – you had to be there

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