Sunday, November 22, 2009

Another Post

Bill sent me this post to upload for him on November 11th, it was the last email he was able to send before communications were shut down. There's been no word from him since, however the CO did inform us that everyone is safe and aboard the ship. Sorry it took me so long to post it. ~ko

So I can’t access my blog anymore, other blog for that matter – so it’s time to play good news, bad news:

Bad news: I can no longer load the precious videos of the family
Good news: I can still update by blog through my proxy
Bad news: I cannot remember what the titles to the other Phuket stories were…
Good news: Ya’ll will get to hear about something else
Bad news: Ya’ll will get to hear about something else
Good news: I can access
Bad news: Everything is written in Arabic…

I played a little game in my mind today – ‘twas fun. I had a backpacker magazine that a friend dropped off on my desk today – so I read through the entire thing and imagined being in each location until something from work drew me away (relax, I only lost maybe 20 minutes of work and I made up for it later) – but it was pretty fun to imagine hiking and camping out in Wyoming, or Colorado, or even Canada. Oh, and by the way, my significant other has lived in three of the top 5 “Best places to raise an outdoor kid” which I guess explains why she wanted to go camping 8 months pregnant the first go around – you better not get any crazy ideas without me, missy!

So now I’m psyched to take the family hiking, camping, hunting, and fishing when I get back – maybe in a few years, but you know – gotta plan early.

In the meantime, it’s pretty cool there are so many easier, less complicated hikes so close – we are blessed

I was also reading about dogs that are trained to search for stranded and lost hikers – there was a Lassie-type dog, some sort of collie, who wears a harness and will repel with its owner, attached to his belt – pretty awesome – I do miss my Dora-dog

As for where we are right now…somewhere west of California and somewhere East of New York – hahaha – I know I’m soooo hilarious

So I got to tie down a helicopter the other day in a monsoon – well I don’t know if it was rated as a monsoon, but it was like 40 mph wind and raining buckets – like the rain machines you see in the movies – needless to say I got soaked to the bone – like I had just jumped in a pool, but the cool thing was that the rain stopped, the wind actually picked up, and I ended up going below dry – and a pilot that had left early was still wet downstairs – go figure

Everything is going well over here – it’s exciting to actually be doing the job that I’ve been effectively training for for…7 years now – well 25ish if you count arguing a point as my job (thanks, dad)

In order to avoid rambling since I am getting sleepy but my fingers are still moving, I shall end this post

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